Visitors Season (165th-167th)

Visitor-season is here again! And this week, I had my 165th-167th unique Hong Kong visitors. I have been keeping an “unique visitor counter” since the first day I moved to Hong Kong 7 years ago.

This week’s visitors are really special and dear to me. Dendy and Shin arrived with a big entourage from Indonesia and I spent 2 very enjoyable days with them. It is so good to have them here. Just love catching up and chatting with these 2 dynamic and amazing couple! The last time they visited me was when I was in Shanghai (April 14th, 2008! Read blog here.) just before I moved to Hong Kong 3 months later. Mmm..maybe it is a sign.

On the same day I bid farewell to Dendy and Shin, I welcomed another special visitor at the office. Qiaoqiao is my cousin-in-law from Xiamen and she works for a TV-media company (potentially she could be a very complementing business partner of my agency too!).

I love visitors. Especially when they mingled with my little sheep. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by!

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