Meijie, Macau and Hong Kong

After 2 years of constant nagging, I managed to get some of the “handful of brothers” to visit me. Barely 5 weeks ago, Gareth and Ivy came with the big typhoon. And last Thursday,Meijie (My 16th HK Visitor)finally dropped me a visit in Hong Kong.

Surely, I was very excited to see my buddy. Why? He has been my closest pal since Secondary School days. We grew closer during those days when we part-time as waiters at the Singapore Swimming Club. We even spent 1 week backpacking in Perth. Over the last 15 years, Meijie is my constant Kopi-Kakis. (Question is: How he maintained his size while I ballooned non-stop). There were 4 years when Meijie was away (for study and for work)… Despite his working stint in Thailand, we met every month (during his monthly book-out weekend from Pataya).In fact, I was dying to see him in Shanghai – so I can show him the blink blink and bang bang. But he was so reluctant to fly over. Now, I am just 3.5 hours away (plus a tempting birthday redemption) – there is no reason why he cannot come and visit his old pal.

Argghh… the timing was pretty bad. The night when Meijie flew in – I was like a zombie. My 14hrs/day workload was certainly depressing and I guessed Meijie can see how badly I looked that night. I was trying to stay awake…and keep him “entertained”. Haaa… in the end, he had to join me to do some late night hunting for my event props at Wanchai. Carrying a heavy luggage, I made Meijie walked up and down Hong Kong’s unforgiving slopes. By 12am, Meijie was complaining about his 1st hour here.

Back at my house, Felicia prepared a surprise for both Meijie and Tracy (who also flew back on the same day). Elkan stayed up till 12am just to welcome his favourite “Uncle Lionnel”. When Elkan saw both Meijie and Tracy, he screamed and jumped like a monkey out of the cage! He was uncontrollable!

Meijie spent 5 nights at my house. Having a tiny spot in our living room, he endured all our late nights and early mornings. Meijie and my family even sat through the rain from 10-12am – waiting for Tracy and me to wrap up our event at the Peak.

More dramas, fights and laughters exploded over the weekends ~ Meijie seen it all. He even slept in my office!

Overall,we had such a good time in Macau and around Hong Kong. I just wished I am not so busy and “too sticky into my job”… I felt a little bad that I neglected my friend. Even in my dreams, I dreamt of chatting with him – nagging him to get a girlfriend. My only regret is I am not pushy enough to bring him to those “dirty massage”.

Meijie flew out on Tuesday ~ together with Tracy and me (except we were all flying in different directions – Tracy and I were heading up north to Beijing for another event and Meijie is heading back south – just in time for Singapore’s 1st Night Grand Prix.) We sent him right to his gate. Under some pressures of Mr Joe Chua, Meijie entertained me with a “Elkan Crying Byebye”.

Buddy, please come again. Perhaps Christmas. This time, it is on you. I shall offer you 10 Pineapple Buns. Oh yes, thanks for fixing my Xbox – You are our Global IT Director, mate!

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