The New “Broken” Singapore Airlines Website (Still Down after 2 months!)

Singapore Airlines launched their new website today. And shame on them, it crashed on the first day! I was “stranded” here for an hour. Even the link to “Contact Us” failed. (Instead of a generic error message page, the web can give us a more friendly message. At least a MTV of our top Singapore Girl photos while fixing the problem.)

This is my worst experience with SQ. They shouldn’t have launched a new web on a Sunday when many of their overseas offices are closed. The new website is very slow and not stable at all. It is not possible for me to view all my flights (on different days) on one single page.

In the end, after 5 hours of waiting and trying, I downloaded the SQ iPhone App to make my ticket purchase. My nightmare didn’t end there. The iPhone App was buggy and it messed up my booking names. It overwrites my wife’s name with my name even though I have logged off my Kris Flyer account. In the end, I ended up paying an extra SGD30 to change the name. (SQ didn’t think this is their problem!)

If this is not my national carrier, I will not hesitate to switch to another airline. Fix the basics before giving us another new eye-candy homepage. The Singapore Girl looks good but she is not everything.

10 Responses to The New “Broken” Singapore Airlines Website (Still Down after 2 months!)

  1. Help says:

    I see that as of Jan 12, users at were still encountering problems. It is almost Sep 12 now and I too continue to face problems. The website does not allow me to update my details because the ‘My Profile’ page is truncated and the ‘Update’ button that normally appears at the bottom left corner of the page is missing. SQ call centre insists that the problem is on my end and they had ‘helpfully’ enclosed a screenshot of how the button looks like 8(. Before I get yelled at for not checking my hardware/software, I have used IE 8, IE 9, Safari on iPhone, Safari on iPad and the latest Firefox. I have tried it on the iPhone 4S, iPad 1, 3 different laptops and a desktop. The laptops and desktop run either Win 7 or Win XP, all updated to the latest respective service packs. To round up, I have also tried using my home broadband, my office network as well as my phone’s 3G network. As someone who has a degree in computer science, I believe I am well qualified to state that is still messed up.

  2. Chichick says:

    I only fly SIA if possible, and I swear by its service standards. Rather, I used to. Except for the horrible website. I see the last post here was in May this year. Well, it’s now early November and they STILL have a problem with the website! I made a booking online – no problem, all went well, chose my seats, special meals etc. THEN, a few days later, I tried to change my booking online, and it froze. I could no longer access my booking. I called their contact number, which actually only handles reservations, and was told the site is down. Each time I try to access my booking, it tells me there is a problem with my booking and they’re trying to resolve it offline.

    I wrote 2 emails to their website department, NO REPLY! It’s been 2 weeks now!!!! I cannot view and choose my seats, I cannot make any more changes, unless I call reservations and have them change my flights and allocate seats for me. THIS IS VERY FRUSTRATING! Why have a website offering online services which just doesn’t work at all?

    • Dot says:

      Booked through Trailfinders yesterday because the SIA online booking crashed on me.

      Today I’m trying to update my details and request special assistance but again it keeps crashing on me.

      SIA should try taking a look at the Air NZ website – that works like you would expect it to and has never crashed on me yet.

  3. Waiting says:

    October 2011 – SINGAPOREAIR.COM website has lots of problems….keeps hanging, just does not work…simple enquiries dont work!!!! Unbelievable, this really sucks, I have wasted 2 to 3 hours just trying to make a booking, and at the end, it hangs. You mean it is already 5 months since other people had the same problem too !!!?!!!

  4. mike says:

    I spent three hours at home in singapore trying to book myself and four other family members tickets online and after worrking through all the bugs with picking flights which I could not click on to, logging in my PPS number which was refused several times only to get to the final click of “proceed with payment” by credit card for the system to hang !!!!! In the end after 3 hours I hopped a taxi to ION on Orchard to the SQ office there and the SQ staff there fixed my problems. The site is a disgrace. After 10 days and continuous problems SQ is in denial and don’t event feel it is worth communicating with its customers about the problem. They are in denial. Their staff all know about the problems but are afraid to acknowledge the seriousness of the problem. They say teething problems, I say a disgrace and disaster. I have been using SQ for almost 20 years and I never thought is would say this. SHAME ON YOU SQ.

  5. Amber says:

    The new website sucks. It is amateurish. Stop the flickering gimmicks – it looks cheap. Response time is slow. Not user friendly. Cheap interface. Unprofessional for a national airline that is voted one of the best in the world. Shame, shame, shame.

  6. Stan says:

    I have the same issue. I cant even locate Contact Us and my redemption booking became absolutely crap. It is a very lousy interface with lots of technical issues. Someone in marketing must have wanted to impress the bosses and didnt work out the way they wanted

  7. doreen says:

    hey, which browser did you use? does this happen for all the browsers? IE? Safari? Firefox?

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