My 54th Visitor – Serene Chia!

We welcome our 54th Visitor this morning at 7am! Serene Chai is finally here with us!
More to come – next, Mdm Shin is popping by this coming Friday 11th April!

May: Felicia, John, Ow Yong, Monica & Julian
June: Charlie, Jamie
July: Scott, Desmond, Yogi
August: Meiling, Bettina
Nov: Tracy, Ken, Jinwei, Hong Ai
Dec: Sam, Lusia (and 5 other family members)

Jan: Felicia & Elkan
Feb: Serene (Jimmy’s wife)
Mar: Joanne
April: Mum, Dad, Leon, Auntie Amy and Uncle Benny
May: Kelvin, Diane
June: Juliana, Felicia & Elkan
July: Scott, Desmond, Yogi
August: Shawn
Sept: Tracy
Oct: Kalinda, Felicia & Elkan, Cousin Alvin
Nov: Hovman
Coming in Dec: Auntie Amy, Cousin Chester, Joanne’s cousin

Feb: Adrian (my long-distant cousin)
Mar: Leon
Apr: Serene Chia, Shin

2 Responses to My 54th Visitor – Serene Chia!

  1. Big says:

    Changed liao. 🙂 Sorry.. Tot you are in the same clan with me.

  2. Unknown says:

    YO! I am Serene Chia NOT CHAI! Damn… how come Shin and Denky brings you guys to more upclass place! We forgot to take photo at Hai Xing Japanese! Sc

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