The Mist

A thick mist suddenly appeared tonight, fogging the entire city within minutes. Rapidly, visibility dropped from 100m to less than 5m. It was a scary and mysterious sight. I took my camera and dashed out of my house ( 2am) and walked into the mist. Braving the thick mist at 13 degrees, I have difficulty walking in my estate. What freaked me just now was a lady who walked in heels. (What the hell she was doing at 2am???) Anyway, I heard her steps but I couldn’t see her… not until we both gave each other a shock. I must have given her a bigger shock…cos’ I was shooting my building, placing my camera on the floor. By the time she saw me, I was like only half a meter away from her path. She must be shocked to see a “fat ass” squatting on the floor with a camera at 2am!

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