Meet the new Action Hero – “Lutetium-Man”

Personalisation isn’t a new thing. But to impersonate a superhero is a great ego booster. Meet my new alter ego – Lutetium-Man! Actually, my head is resting on a 12-inch Ironman Mark II body but I got to find a metal name “more precious” than iron. My colleague Valerie pointed out that Lutetium is the rarest and most precious metal. (And Titanium-Man is a Marvel Super Villain.)

That’s My ( is the company that produced my 3D head. It is a US-based company and the friendly staffs offer great services! Simply submit your head-shots online and let them do the rest. I submitted my photos 3 weeks ago and I received the heads today. (A sweet surprise when I opened the parcel! I paid for 1 head but they gave me 3 different heads!) That’s My Face offers many different sizes / formats of heads – for different sized figurines. Price varies depending on your final configuration. I ordered the typical 12-inch figurine head (as most of my superheroes collections are in that size). This is a great gift idea for friends or colleagues. (We made a Superman birthday gift for my boss David last month! Opps…we haven’t paid Tracy the present money!) 

Once you have paid for your order, the guys at That’s My Face will email you a couple of hi-res 3D images for your approval. They will not proceed to production without your approval – so you can be ensure of the quality of your 3D heads. I have tried other “personalisation” companies that produce cartoonish clay characters, they did not allow me to “preview” my head before/during production. Most of the times, the resemblance rate is fairly low.

Clearly, I have chosen a different hairdo for my 3D head and made some “cosmetic” improvement. I got rid of my chubby neckline for a more masculine jawline. It is an alter ego, why not make it more stylo, right? I customised a long-hair version for my “Ah Beng” character. Unfortunately, That’s My Face couldn’t provide me a pair of glasses for my 3D head. On second thought, no superhero wears glasses in their suit anyway. The guys at That’s My Face kept as much details as possible – they managed to retain my skin-tone, lips, eyes and my moles! I gave them a high 90% rating (honestly, it is difficult to be 100% especially when this is done over photographs submitted online). The only small thing I didn’t like is the rough texture. It is not the typical smooth rubbery, waxy figurine material. But that is not a big issue for me.

The initial response at my office? My colleagues thought I cheated with my 20-year old photos. One loved it so much that she wanted to customise a Transformer Bumblebee for her son. My wife texted me “Huh…Is that you in long hair????” My boss was quite worried about the new supersize me, he asked me to take a good break from work.

Well, I love it. I bet Elkan is screaming for his alter ego right now! Love to make 1 for him and Felicia. Maybe it is time to assemble my own “Incredibles” members. (Some suggestions: Kalinda as Cat Woman, Lionnel as the Elastic-Man, Harshad as the Hulk, Tracy as Alice of Resident Evil, Joey as Spider-girl, Karen as Green Lantern, Felicia as Wonder-Woman, Joanne as Black Widow, Jimmy as Thor, Gareth as Hellboy, Duuk as Wolverine and Juliana as Electra!) Of course, it is good to become an Action Hero and there can be only 1 “Lutetium-Man”.

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