A Sonny Goodbye

This visit, Elkan surprised me with his level of maturity and sensibility.
There are 2 sides of Elkan – He always got himself in some stupid mischief (like pouring sand on my face when I am suntanning or damaging things around him). On the other hand, Elkan displayed an amazing level of sensibility and love for his loved ones. Acting like our little protector, he is always looking out for his mum and dad. If I walked a little too fast in front of Felicia, Elkan will pull me back and ask me to wait for her. And whenever he can’t find me, he will be worried if I have left him (for Hong Kong) without saying farewell. Elkan keeps an “internal timer” in his mind – always reminding himself of my remaining hours or days in Singapore before I fly off again. When I was in his age (7-year-old), I have never cherish family ties to such depth. From Elkan, I have learn to spend more time with my own dad and mum too.

Last night, Elkan accompanied me till 1am. And he woke up “fresh and ready” at 5am this morning to see me off.  His usual sleeping hours are from 10pm to 8am. I told him it will be too tiring for him to wake up so early as he has a long day ahead (at school). He said “it is okay lah, I am not tired. You are my dad. I must send you off to the airport. Also later, mummy will be alone after you left. I can accompany her back mah”.

After the happy send-off at the gate, Felicia wept briefly at the train station. Elkan saw her sadness and comforted her in his comical tone “Ai yah, why sad sad? Okay lah, I sayang you okay. Tonight, I will tuck you to bed and give you a hug. Okay?” Aww… he is like a mini Joe …. He is, undoubtedly, our emotional support pillar, our little sunshine. A purity that comes from within. Elkan is always there for both of us at the right time, at the right place. And I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful child.

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