Eat Shit!

What a surprising "shitty treat" for my 51st HK Visitor, Miss Heidi Tang (my old Shanghai colleague!). Finally, we made our way to the well-known "Modern Toilet" restaurant at Mong Kong this evening. When I told Heidi that I am going to treat her to "eat shit", she didn’t find this amusing!

It is everything that we have heard of. Fast-food dining in a nice colourful toilet environment. Poo-looking lightings, toilet seatings and dinner sinks. Imagine eating brown-creamy curry from the toilet bowl and drinking foamy yellow lemon tea from a mini-urinal! Wait till you read the dishes names in the menu… It is everything our parents hate!

The food is not bad (I will give it a 7.5 rating). Portion is big and the price is very reasonable, ranging around HKD40-60/set. Sadly, they didn’t have good old smelly yummies like "smell bean curd" or "durain" in their menu. If they do have, that will be a "match-made in heaven" dish! (A little disappointment that they didn’t their waiters dressing like janitors).

Mmm…if patrons can accept a "shit restaurant", it won’t be long before someone opens a "sex restaurant". Imagine all the food you eat there! It will be 100% hot, wild, steamy and certainly erotic! Make the diners lick, bite, suck and swallow… Opps, I may be going a little too far.

3 Responses to Eat Shit!

  1. Big says:

    Sure… when you are back with Scott.. I make sure you have "lots of shit" with us!

  2. Tam says:

    It’s just opposite Langham Place: Modern Toilet3B, MPM, 240-244 Portland St. Mongkok MTR exit E1

  3. yiyi says:

    ohoohhhohhhh~~!!!!!!! I never been to that place!!!!!!!!! damn!!! seems so cool!!! where is it in mongkok? you need to tell me ….

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