My Lirpa!!! I am on World News!


Today is also a day of many extraordinary headlines. No more false pregnancy, fake toto winners or marriage proposals news.

8:15am  –  "Another bad omen. Last night, a tree branch fell and hit Sir Stamford Raffles’ Statue. Part of bodies broken!"

8:30am  –  "Playboy and PentHouse Magazines will finally be on shelves in Singapore end 2010".
Gareth called me and exclaimed "Finally, we can be in porn business!"
Francis messaged me "So what, unless you become their marketing director!"

9:00am  –  "Mango Asia may be closing down. Clearing out sales from now till end April"

Tracy messaged "Wow, how you know? I go to IFC later to shop!!!"

6:30pm  –  "Latest news! Osama is caught! More news at Lirpa Loof!"
Juliana MSN "You today our news broadcaster? Morning Mango news.. at night Osama!"
MC said "Where you get this news?? Dun have leh!" (10 minutes later) – "You got me again. 2 years in a row!"
Francis snapped "Yah right! I am pointing my dick at him right now!"
Well, the power and magic of Lirpa Loof is certainly big. Remember last year… Juliana was tipped to be pregnant in April. And nice souls like Echo, Hovman and Francis Goh even sent their most sincere wishes to Juliana and Duuk 3 to 4 months later! Of course, she did got pregnant (eventually) in Oct.

Indeed, believing is fullfilling. It is simple mind-power. That is how I won the "World’s Greatest Business Mind" and "Star of Disneyland" awards! My mother and sister would be so damn proud of me! And my buddy Gareth congratulated me with the most heartwarming words "Bro, you finally made it!"

11:50pm  –  Check my 2 award-winning videos: Click   AWARD 1   /    AWARD 2

Please remember this very special day.

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