The Art of the Brick Exhibition Singapore

Last evening, Felicia brought us to a Lego Art Exhibition. It is unlike anything I have seen before! Simply mind-blowing and unexpectedly impressive! Highly rated as the “Top 10 Global Must See Exhibitions” by, artist Nathan Sawaya created 52 stunning and original art sculptures using the normal Lego plastic bricks as the sole art medium. The “Art of the Brick” exhibition is currently exhibited at the Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sand Singapore. One of the most impressive exhibits is the 6m long Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and the iconic sculpture “Yellow”. I am so glad to be back in Singapore to catch this magnificent show before it ends in May. The Art of the Brick is truly a great exhibition worth the money and time! Never underestimate the power of the creative mind and the little Lego brick. It does wonders beyond our imaginations.

Working with award-winning photographer Dean West, the exhibition “In Pieces” (see below) just finished its show from 28 Feb – 17 Mar 2013 at New York City. Check out more inspiring art forms at

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