A Lovely Story

When I watched the 1st Toy Story, I was only 20. That was 15 years ago, back in 1995. That sounded so long ago but in the world of 3D Animation, Buzz and Woody are evergreens and they stay young and vibrant. Today, I am enjoying this movie with my son who is 6 – who is like me –
enjoying the magic of Buzz and Woody. Unlike many Hollywood actors who aged over the years, my favourite characters at Pixar remain young and colourful.

Over the last 15 years, John Lasseter produced many remarkable 3D films. His stories are always refreshing, simple, meaningful and emotional. In 1999’s Toy Story 2, Jessie’s “When She Loved Me” scenes moved me to tears. Since then, Pixar out-rivaled Dreamworks with its original, compelling and heart-warming story telling. In Pixar’s last animation film “Up”, a touching reenactment of old man’s love story touched millions of hearts at the theaters. Not to mention other tear-jerking moments in “Ratatouille” and “Wall-E”.

Unknown to many, Toy Story 3 underwent a couple of rewrites. The earlier plot was completely different from what we saw today. It was about “the recalling of Buzz” and reunion of the old toys. Thanks to John’s involvement, he rewrote the plot, added lots of feelings and painted a wonderful last page for the trilogy.

Toy Story 3 was officially screened in Hong Kong on 15th July. Ticket sales were hot and I have to place booking 3 weeks ago. We were lucky to get tickets at the new iSquare 3D IMAX Theater.

Toy Story 3 exceeds all my expectation. It is so beautifully scripted! Superb sequel of the last chapter! Excellent 3D actions and well-paced! It is both hilarious and tear-jerking. The bond between Woody and Andy was so strong throughout the movie. They were both looking out for each other. The farewell scene between Andy, his mum and his toys was too emotional to watch. No word is needed to express the characters’ unconditioned love for each other. You can tell the sadness in their eyes. Woody’s selfless acts and sensibility moved me so much. When it was time for Andy to say goodbye to his childhood companions, I can’t helped myself but secretly wiped my tears beside my little boy. Surely, we all had such parting moments in our lives and these scenes triggered the old wounds in my heart. I left the cinema with a very heavy heart.

“So long partner!” – that was Woody’s last words to Andy. Gonna miss them so so much.

One Response to A Lovely Story

  1. Stella says:

    wah cool i jus watch it last night too..awesome movie..we watch it the same day together but in diff places..world apart.. =D enjoy the movie so much..

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