Funtastic Party with “Women Generation and Super Senior”

Yes, you read it right. It says “funtastic”. Great fun and tasty BBQ by the beach, this is an unforgettable belated birthday bash with my very own newly created W-Pop Bands – Women Generation and Super Senior! (That is the power of great cosmetic surgery and photoshop skills!) All thanks to my sweet and lovely Wahbiang buddies and family, they organised a “surprise” party for me this evening. (Supposed to be a foolproof surprise party for me until a few accidental leaks of information to me last week. It wasn’t difficult trying to piece all the missing puzzles together.)

This is my 1st birthday celebration with my Singapore’s family and friends since 2005. Gosh, I have been away for such a long time. They put in so much effort just to make this a special occasion for me. 1 week before this big day, they conspired over hundreds of whatsapp messages. It was a well-organized party – great food, great company and very very special birthday gifts.

Most importantly, we had great fun together. My friends are like my very own family. They complete me. They are  my most important asset. They are always there for me whenever, wherever I need them. I am very blessed with their presence and love. Despite my absence, they keep the clan intact over the past 7 years. Many of them put in extra effort and flew in to spend many important occasions and festives with me overseas.

So, bear with me with the long “Thank you list”. Thanks for all the hard labour and good spirits. Thanks for spending your precious Sunday with me. Plus the wonderful and special birthday gifts. Karen, we love your chicken wings! And your excellent skills controlling those young rebels. Auntie Amy, you should really consider starting your own BBQ bean-curd business. They are really tasty! And if you do, I will fly home to help your business! Charlie, thanks for bringing in the food and got drenched in the thunderstorm. Jimmy and Gareth, thanks for the great brotherhood love, be it here or in China – and keep it that way. Joey and Meijie, thanks for babysitting Elkan and me from Friday to Sunday, enduring all the late nights (oh yes, thanks for stopping my impulse purchase of another Apple product). Kalinda, thanks for the beautiful songs last night! And remember our next trip to you-know-where. And not to forgot to thank you for keeping those cards safe and dry. Joanne, thanks for capturing this evening’s beautiful photos (you have redeemed your fiasco on my wedding proposal night when you shot blank).  Juliana & Duuk, thanks for participating in the evil plan of the card making. It will take me quite a while to reset my beautiful impression of my favorite K-pop idols. It took me so long to identify you Juliana – must be a big cosmetic job. Tracy, your AR Drone is superb! Well tested and flown (up to 6m high). The drone frightened the old boys for a second but it is a great gift! MC, it is great seeing you after 6 years! You never aged! And I look forward to see you out there with me! And sister, thanks for the great gift! Exactly what I wanted to get 3 days ago. Last of all, thanks my wife for the card designs, cosmetic works and fine touch ups. You have given us stardom! Thanks for enduring my years of nonsense and snoring. And not forgetting the children for destroying the bedroom, in exchange for the peace they gave to their parents. (The younger boys did a great job for inspiring Elkan to cycle. Now, he can ride a bike finally!)

Enjoy the very exclusive limited edition “Super Senior and Women Generation” pictures. Till we meet again.

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