A Walk in the Gardens by the Bay

I am so glad to be back in time to visit the newest Singapore’s attraction, Gardens by the Bay. Opened on 30th June 2012, the world’s largest column-less greenhouses (Flower Dome and Cloud Forest) attracted over 100,000 visitors in the first two days. The iconic egg-shape domes possess both external and internal beauty. As today’s Youth Day (no school for Elkan), I brought Elkan to the new attraction. (Tracy, who missed my belated birthday party yesterday came to join us! Thanks to her “Passion Card”, we got 10% discount.)

My first impression… It is stunning! Beautiful and spectacular. Unlike the other greenhouses I have visited which are often warm, stuffy and humid, the domes at the Gardens by the Bay provide visitors a very comfortable cooling environment. Temperature in the enclosures are kept between 23˚ – 25˚C. Air current in the domes are well circulated, the air is fresh and not stuffy at all.

Inside the Flower Dome, there are lots of odd-looking plants (from all parts of the world). There are lots of colorful flowers and strange-looking trees. There are cactus that look like pebbles and ferns that look like dead leaves. The friendly volunteers did an excellent job introducing the specialities and uniqueness of each plant. Before exiting the dome, there are giant touch screens and 3D holographic displays for visitors to interact and learn more about these amazing plants.

The Cloud Forest Dome is my favorite enclosure. The 35m waterfall “Cloud Mountain” is spectacular. The mist from the waterfall forms a perpetual rainbow under the bright sunlight. Visitors enter into the mountain and take a lift up to the peak of the structure (Lost World). There, visitors “spiral down” the manmade mountain on suspended metal bridges (perhaps not for those with height phobia). There are a lot of cavities inside the mountain for us to explore and discover. Do check out the natural limestone stalactites and the giant multimedia wall.

Overall, it is an amazing experience. It exceeds my expectation. I believe this will be a top attraction for many tourists. It takes about 3-4 hours to complete all the enclosures. Don’t rush through the attractions. Spend more time and take a relaxing pace to explore the domes. Best time to come will be between 4-7pm (when the Supertrees lights up enigmatically at dusk and enjoy the nice sunset by the bay).

How to go there: (It is about 12-min walk from Bay Front MRT Station to the domes. Visitors can take the overhead bridge connecting Marina Bay Sands Casino to the park. Tickets priced differently for local Singaporeans (SGD20) and overseas visitors (SGD28). There are discounts for senior citizens and children. Check the website for more information: http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en/home.html

2 Responses to A Walk in the Gardens by the Bay

  1. Darren Ang says:


    I am Darren from Gardens by the Bay. We came across your post on the Gardens on your blog and would like to feature it on our website under the Garden News section http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en/the-gardens/garden-news.html

    Is it possible to drop me an email with your email address?

    I look forward to hearing from you!

  2. Amazing gardens!!! I was there late last year. The OCBC Garden Rhapsody at night is something great

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