The Big Reveal – The Making of Women Generation and Super Senior

I am sure the new members of Women Generation and Super Senior are going to slaughter me for this post. Remember the fancy photographs in my earlier post? Now, revealing the secrets of “digital cosmetic surgery” makeovers (by Kalinda, Mann Chuan and Felicia). From these “behind-the-scene” images, I was very impressed by the level of re-touching! I can imagine the amount of coordinations and hard work put in by the clan to create the birthday cards. Once again, thanks guys for your effort and tireless photo-shoots. I am sure you had lots of fun doing this! At least, the makeover experts did you justice… I can see all of you had a pretty convincing and fancy upgrade! These are superb face-jobs! Really, I start to believe we can create our own S-Pop soon!

Enough said, see the “before” and “after” touched up works below. (Gosh, my head looks really tiny there…like one of those escaped alien convicts from MIBIII.)

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