Goodbye Mummies

The meeting of the 4 generation ended yesterday. Mischievous Elkan bid farewell to his grandmother and great-grandmother. It was quite an amazing "life lesson" for him when Auntie Amy showed him the bloodline. It is like a brand new discovery for him to see his daddy’s mum’s mum. And when Elkan found out that his favourite Grand Auntie Amy is the mother
of his fearsome and scary Uncle Chester, he gave us that priceless exclamation "What? You mean you are Uncle Chester’s mum?" (Chester, you should see that expression! It is hilarious!)

Mum got Felicia and I to plan a surprise birthday celebration for Auntie Amy. We decided to do that on their last day in Hong Kong. When the waiter brought in the cake, Elkan ran up to Auntie Amy and forced a hard kiss on her cheek! It was such a spontaneous act! He took Auntie Amy by surprise!

As it was still early, we brought the folks to do last-minute shopping at the Wanchai market and Causeway Bay.

When it was to say goodbye, there wasn’t any sadness or tears. Guess Elkan and his grannies know he is going back to Singapore soon. (And no one to nag about my obesity anymore!) We
have been prepping him about his school graduation and his returning
trip to Singapore. Elkan has enjoyed 3 excellent years outside
Singapore. It is time for him to head home to adjust the dynamic education footprint. And time to spend blissful time with his doting aunties and uncles back home.

4 Responses to Goodbye Mummies

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  2. Big says:

    Hi Jolene! Thanks for your kind words! (Certainly, I don’t mind at all!) That is very encouraging and I am happy that I gained myself another new blog supporter. 🙂 You too, kept a nice blog. And just found out that you were a cheer leader! Certainly a good dentist too!

  3. Ho says:

    you must pay us a visit, soon! 😀

  4. Jolene says:

    Hi there!!:)My name is Jolene and I am Hong Fei’s cousin sister from Malaysia.. Ethan’s super doting aunty who can’t wait to have kids too! haha..:) I saw pictures of Elkan and Ethan playing together on Hong Fei’s fb photos and also saw photos of them tagged in one of ur i clicked over to your profile and somehow ended up on this blog. 🙂 I hope you don’t mind!I really enjoyed reading all your posts, especially regarding family life. And you do take really really nice photos. 🙂 Elkan will be so happy to know that his daddy has documented all their quality time together in such a beautiful way. 🙂 I was particularly taken with Elkan’s ability to swing between super maturity (loving his great granny and feeling sad when his sweetheart had to go home) and then back to a child (when he cried about you lying to him about the birthday cake..hahah). 🙂 Such an intelligent child. Keep writing, Joe! 🙂 I’ll be reading! -Jolene Lai

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