Truly Wahbiang!

After blogging for more than 4 years, it is very strange for me to see my blog amongst the top 10 finalists vying for the "Best Individual Blog" award.
It is even stranger for me to receive so much lovely attention from my friends and strangers. I am not used to have so much "concentrated attention" at a go. The last
time I had such attention is when I addressed the 500-crowd at my
wedding dinner. Perhaps strange isn’t the right word to use. It is just very very very strange. (Thanks to Joanne who nominated me on the last day of the nomination.)

Certainly, all my friends, colleagues and families are excited about my nomination. They are rallying their colleagues, students, clients and even facebook friends to vote for this stranger who named his blog "WAHBIANG". Suddenly, my blog hit rate jumped 500%! And I received many "new MSN friend"
requests. Not to mentioned all those lovely and sweet encouragement from old and new friends.

Unfortunately, these lovely voters also made me the unofficial "Web Master" or "Help Desk" for the SBA Website. 50% of my friends and families do not know to vote and a couple of my friends helped me in the "trouble-shooting". Thanks to Tracy, she created this little 5-Step Guide to assist my friends and well-wishers. (I was rather lazy to create a "voting guide" – in fact, many of the finalists have done excellent guide on their blog – I was thinking of putting the links here. But not so nice, right?)

I have also received many "Golden Tips" from my friends. And not forgetting some of the notable "Complaints":

1) Write more about Elkan and take more photos! He is so cute! My friends and I read your blog becos’ of him!
2) You need to stop writing about your visitors. Write something that "spells Individualism"!
3) You got to lose weight since you are now getting more visitors to your site!
4) Typo, typo, typo – Please check your spelling…grammar
5) Good job on the blog but am sure will win if you post more DG girls! 😛
6) Siow liao! You cannot blog anything about PAP or the government! Later kena from them!
7) Na bei! You are not entering Star Search! Why only 1 vote per day?
8) Aiyooo….. You are already in HK oredi! Why bother to win their first prize to HK?
9) So mafan! Took me 5 minutes to figure out…
10) Shit! I voted for the wrong guy! Paiseh!

Guess my "wahbiang clan" (back in Singapore) suffered the most – for the next 30 days, they find themselves clicking on my yellow banner for no earthly purpose – but just to ensure I still have my little green star. I may be the only one who wish for a slightly different first prize. I wish for a ticket back to Singapore (from HK) instead. 

No matter what, it is a good feeling. No, I won’t change the way I write. I have pretty bad memory and I may not remember those little best moments in my daily lives. The best reward for blogging is recording and reading these beautiful
memories. I wrote this blog for my friends. For my family. And most importantly, for my son. 

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