Talking about Xperience…

(Photo Taken: Opposite Times Square, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong – Certainly not the typical toy shop. Who needs the vibrator? I am already vibrating and trembling just looking at the window.)

2 Responses to Talking about Xperience…

  1. Big says:

    Hi Jolene,Thanks for spending so much time reading my stories. Yes… I did have a short 5-min video about how me and Felicia started our love journey. See: "After 7 Years" –!F1900AAD73568D14!2756.entryHope you enjoy it. 🙂

  2. Jolene says:

    Hi Joe! Just finished reading your blog until 2007 and still loving it. :)hehe thanks for dropping by as well! and I am not a real cheerleader yaa.. :PI find a lot of your posts very touching. I think I cried like 4-5 times already while reading. The worst one was the A Pack of Fries story with your grandmother. And also all the farewells with Elkan and your wife Felicia during your initial stay in Shanghai. 😦 Too touching! Keep it up..:) I really want to read one story, your love story with Felicia! Is it already in your blog?I hope my cousin HF doesn’t drop by to see my sappy comment or not sure laugh at me one. hahaha =((

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