Beautifully LOST

LOST has kept me captivated since
September 2004.
genesis of LOST took place even before I became a father. It accompanied me
during my company days in Caffeine Design @ Katong, my exciting years
in Shanghai and Hong Kong.

Finally, after 121 episodes and 6 years later, LOST drew its curtain on
23rd May 2010.
Over the years, I have developed deep feelings and affections for the
characters. It is going to be difficult to say goodbye to this show. I am going to miss the cast and their stories. Especially the lives of
Kate, John, Sawyer, Benjamin, Desmond, Hugo, Sayid and Jack. For 6 years, I have been waiting for the day to watch its final episode. Just like Jake in the show, I am very desperate to seek the answers to all the "whys and whats". What is the purpose of the island and its inhabitants? Is there really "a reason for everything?" Or are we just simply lost between our own fate and the choices we made? Is there life after life?

Feeling lost? This is one show you either hate or love. The ending was touching, emotional and enlightening. Well scripted and paced, the show ended beautifully. While I am trying to overcome my loss and emptiness, Jake’s words to John strike a deep chord in my heart "It is time that you let go".

Here is my favorite track (from Season 2) and a line from Desmond "See you in another life, mate". Time to make our own kind of music. Enjoy.


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