Angry Birds and Easter Eggs

Really miss those “home art and craft” times when Felicia and Elkan were in Hong Kong. (Click: “Easter Art 2009”) Felicia would setup mini tools and props for the family to gather to create something fun and creative. Those were mini art competitions for Elkan and I. My boy always wanted to win his own dad – he was very competitive and eager to impress us. Now they are back in Singapore, Felicia continues the festive traditions. Check out their Easter works.



Since we have done real Easter egg paintings back in 2009,I thought maybe something more recyclable might be good. Paper eggs!! Elkan and me gathered some old brochures with thick covers and started to trace eggy shapes and coloured our very own designs on it. It was much easier than drawing on the real egg. (We crashed many real eggs back then). And it was more exciting coz we could draw as many as we want now! There is no need to gather so many real eggs. Back in 2009, it took me a month just to collect 20 emptied egg shells. And poor Joe probably up some cholesterol by taking extra every week…. opps 😛

The angry bird soft toys inspired me to draw them on the paper eggs. After we have completed about 40 eggs, I saw Elkan placing them in a pile and was crushing them with the yellow angry birdie! So that’s how I made the mini “Angry Easter Movie”! Enjoy!!

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