The House of Dancing Water (City of Dreams, Macao)

A costly HKD 2 billion production! The House of Dancing Water is indeed the world’s newest and most spectacular and original extravaganza. A cast of 77 performers from 18 different countries, this show took 5 years to prepare and 2 years of rehearsals. Situated in the heart of the City of Dreams, the 2000-seat theater houses the world’s largest commercial pool (3.7m gallons of water, 160ft diameter and 16ft deep – about 5 Olympic-swimming-pool-size) with 258 automated water fountains. Sounds impressive? Wait till you watch the performance live in action!

The show is now in its 8th month (it was launched last August) and it is still incredibly running full-house. We have been hearing so much good reviews about this show that we decided to watch this during our Easter break. As expected, it was full-house and we have to book the tickets 3 weeks in advance. All the mid-range tickets were taken, leaving us no choice but to get the most-expensive tickets available.

At first, I was doubtful about the reviews and thought the HKD880 (ticket) +500 (return ferry) was a little too much to bear. But it was worth every dollar! (And I will certainly bring my son and wife to the show the next time they are in town!)

If you are done with circus and musicals, the House of Dancing Water promises you a show like no other. Breathtaking acts, stunning stage effects and beautiful settings, the director of the show choreographed every scene perfectly. Audience sit around a deep pool. The stage effects are beyond anything I have seen before. Fog engulf the theater, a 30ft tall ship rises up in the middle of the pool. The ship sinks and an oriental pavilion rises in its place. There is rain and snow.  In a blink, the deep pool disappears, dry land rises. The land cracks and steam hissing out of the holes on the floor. Motorcyclists doing daredevil stunts. Dancers flying in mid-air, performing breathtaking dives from as high as 15m tall. Take a magical 90min journey across space and time! A 100% must watch if you are in Macao! Enjoy the official Sammi’s MTV below.

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