Tale of a Lost Stroller


Last weekend, we finally met Kelvin and his family (our 30th visitors!) in Hong Kong. Amazingly, this is the 4th time Kelvin and I met overseas (none in Singapore since 2005!). After spending a good day with him, I realised Kelvin is a very very devoted and pampering father. Most of the time, you will see him carrying his 2 little princesses (2 and 4-year old girls or should I say 12 & 21kg girls?). It was a difficult, tiring and back-breaking task – especially he had to squeeze through the conjested human traffic, going up and down Hong Kong’s unfriendly slopes and steps.  

To make things worse, I left his precious travel buddy – the baby stroller – on a cab! He had to carry the 2 princesses when we strolled down Causeway Bay. I felt so bad and guilty that I bought him a new stroller. It will be a handy buddy when they visit Disneyland on Sunday.

Amazingly, the cab driver returned the stroller the next morning – he left it with our security guards. Since I took leave on Monday, we went to Disneyland this morning to bid farewell to our dear friends and returned back his princesses’ favourite stroller. (Yeah, Cherie was jumping up and down when she saw her stroller!)

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