Happy 15th BoboJojo Anniversary


A very special date between 2 friends happened 15 years ago. That day was 24th Nov, 1993, time 825pm.

Felicia and I were just having our dinner at Marine Parade when we decided to go for a stroll at the nearby beach. We came to rest at a bench and started chatting. The sun set and the stars lit the sky. Must be the food or the weather that time, she dropped a big amorous bomb that night. (Haaa… many of you know the script!). Since then, we have been …you know.. anyway… here we are… happily married in our 8th-year.. and yes…been "hitched" for the last 15 years.

My goodness, Elkan is already 4! But this is the 1st time we are celebrating this special day with our son. (Yeah, even I have to repeat 3 times to my boss about the reason for my leave!) No candle-light dinner or under-the-bed-surprise gifts, just a day off with 2 of them – as we have decided to save the good money for more road trips with our friends and family in the coming months. Our Anniversary today is certainly more noisy… 3 really good friends, we spent a good relaxing afternoon at the beautiful Disney Hollywood hotel. (I must really do exercise – I can’t outrun my little boy!) The weather is fantastic – blue sky and cool November breeze with a great sunny spotlight (Elkan!)

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