At the Top of 2 Worlds

It is difficult not to fall in love with Singapore. The beautiful sunset, the mesmerising skyline, the cozy living spaces, the colourful lifestyle and best of all, our warm and friendly cosmopolitans.

Thanks to the company of a 2 very good friends, Sarah & son (my Primary School sweetheart) and Harshad (who flew in from HK today) – we visited Singapore’s two finest peaks – The Equinox and the new SkyPark. Looking at the Singapore city from the top, I realised how well-designed are our city-planning . Compared with cities which are overly saturated like Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong, we still have lots of opportunities and spaces to grow and prosper. The breathtaking sunset view of our city is exhilarating. Overlooking the setting sun in the world famous “Infinity Pool”, this is such a perfect place for lovers! (no wonder my newlywed cousin and wife are staying there tonight). This is one view that I will remember for a long long time.

Later that night, Kalinda, Meijie and Joanne joined us for supper and drinks. Meijie brought us to a “Bak Ku Teh” restaurant where we had authentic Singapore-styled “tea pork soup”. Even Harshad enjoyed it too!

We ended the night early at Singapore’s version of “Lan Kuai Fong” – Clark Quay – where Harshad promised to perform his “Reversed Bungee” dare tomorrow. Time to catch some sleep now – cos’ tomorrow is another long tiring sight-seeing day at Sentosa. And guess what, we will be having our reunion-cum-welcome dinner with the Ho Family! What an exciting weekend!

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