Never judge a building by its facade – Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands Hotel is one of the most iconic buildings in Singapore. It’s unique shaped roof makes it one of the most recognizable casino-hotels in the world.

Despite having such fame locally and internationally, Marina Bay Sands fails to bring its 5 stars appeal into its service. I have stayed there 3 times and the experience was just disappointing. I wish the management put in more efforts in its hotel services. Here are my top Hates about Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

3pm Check-In
This is the most inconvenient and unfriendly policy, creating massive bottleneck and extremely long waiting time for guests checking in. For tourists who have just landed in Singapore, they find themselves stranded at the lobby. Queuing time takes up to 30 minutes. It is just unacceptable.

Inferior Reception Lobby
The lobby is an interior insult to its iconic exterior. The main hotel reception at Tower 1 is a plain, boring, uninspiring, institutional, flat design.

Waiting Time Music Performance
These are good respected musicians. Give them a proper stage and central space to indulge the waiting guests. Now, they are almost invisible and inaudible.

Shower Hot/Cold Knob
This is the most ridiculous feature in the hotel room. To adjust water temperature, one has to press the red button down and turn the knob. The knob was so tight that it took me massive strength to turn it. I don’t get it. What’s so special about this design that it creates so much inconvenience for the user.

Auto-Billing In-Room Mini Fridge
I was told by my colleagues that I should avoid opening the mini fridge. Cos there is a 10-sec auto-billing mechanic. Any item that is removed for more than 10 seconds will be considered as consumed and billed. Sneaky and very unthoughtful.

Outdoor Taxi Stand / Valet Parking Sofas
This is a posh hotel. Why are the guests waiting in the hot humid weather outdoor when the hotel can simply build an air-con waiting lobby. The valet parking sofas look like discarded old furniture in the middle of the road. It is just too odd looking for me.

Massive Jams at Tower 1
Somehow, this happened at every night during peak hours. There should be something the traffic controllers can do to smoother the flow. It is just ridiculous to wait 15 mins in the cab when we are just 100m away.

Many of my friends who stayed at Marina Bay Sands shared similar disappointment. It is just apathy that such a grand and iconic landmark holds little substance and style in its offerings. Never judge a building by its facade.

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