BayDay! Diving with the Sharks!

Never judge a lady by her cover. For those who don’t know Tracy well may find her bubbly and sweet. The truth is, Tracy is a gutsy lady. She has more guts than most “macho-looking men” in my circle. I am very selective whenever we pick a holiday destination. She would “pressure” me to accompany for some dare-devil stunts. She is one person who doesn’t know the concept of fear.

Tracy’s birthday is here again. 4 birthdays ago, I gave her a “Reverse-Bungie” experience at Clark Quay. This year, I decided to give her a gift of “unusual-experience” – Diving with the Sharks at Sentosa. Unfortunately, Uncle Bay (her dad) disliked this dare-devil stunt gift and tried to dissuade her from accepting this gift. Tracy hated me for spilling the beans about her South Africa Bungie Jump to her old folks 3 years ago. (Wait till I tell them about her Skyfall at Macao Tower…)

Tracy’s dive with the sharks attracted my entire clan. My mum, dad and wife came specially to see the “show”. We were expecting to see her diving with the big white sharks. Luckily for Tracy, the great whites were in the other tank. What a shame, no drama.

Bradly, our business associate from Hong Kong also joined in the fun. I told him just in case if there is any shark attack, shield my colleague and buddy from harm. After all, I will be answerable to Tracy’s dad if anything bad happens to her.

The dive took place at the Singapore Underwater World where an experienced diver guided them for the 30-min dive. I had a back door access to go behind the scene where the water tanks are. There, both of them wore their diving gears and a quick crash course on “dos and don’ts”. It was more “don’ts” than “dos”. “Don’t catch the sharks, don’t wave your fingers at the sharks, don’t wander elsewhere and don’t take photographs here, sir!” The last “don’t” was for me. I was snapping the backstage of the underwater tunnels and the guide stopped me.

In the end, Tracy and Bradly had fun but struggled a little with the dive. Tracy made a couple of bumps. She wasn’t heavy enough to dive and the guide had to add more weight. We, the audience, were standing inside the tube under the water watching them. For a few minutes, Tracy and Bradly were enclosure attractions. Tourists snapped photos of their clumsy moves. It was certainly fun for the watchers (the children were wild when they saw them walking in the water). For Tracy, this is another different birthday experience she will remember for a while.

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