A Surprise Treat for Elkan in Jakarta – Blog by Felicia

BLOG BY FELICIA (11th Aug 2013)

A week before when I told Elkan, I need to go Jakarta for a 4-day work trip, he was reluctant to me go. He asked several times if he could come along as he didn’t want to be lonely during the long National Day holiday break. Unfortunately, I turned him down.

On Wed morning, I planned for my mum and Elkan to send me off at the airport first, before my mum fetch Elkan to school. At the check-in counter, after the usual procedures, the airline stuff called out Elkan and my name and passed him our passports. He took them, held my hand and was ready to go. I asked him to check the passports for me. He opened the first passport and read out the seat and gate number, read my name…. he opened the second passport, read out the seat and gate number and he slows down, read his name…. gave me a blank look…. frowned, smiled, frowned again and looked worried…. “Mummy, I’m going to school right? Why the boarding pass has my name? Why you have two passports?” I gave him a big eye look with a smile. “Ooooh….. I’m going to Jakarta with you!!!!” he exclaimed.

I was expecting a big hug from him, but instead, he started to cry and buried his face in my tummy! Confused, I asked him why. He said he will miss his friends in school and will have no chance to get his trophy for this year… He explained he was participating in the school’s sports event celebrating National Day. I didn’t realize that I’ve spoilt his day…. I felt really bad about it. This is one surprise that surprised me! But there was no turning back. So he walked in with me to the departure gate and waved a teary goodbye to his Poh Poh.

I tried to cheered him up saying he could watch a movie on board the plane and eat nice food. I’m glad he quickly became excited about the trip and was looking forward to it. In a short one and half hour flight, we arrived at Jakarta! Shin brought us out for brunch and some shopping.

This was a trip for me to take a look at the design and decor, and display of food in the cafe. And I get to sample lots of nice food too. Sounds all fun and eat non stop. Yes it is. While I was busy taking pictures and checking out the display at the cafe, Elkan warmed up in no time and made friends with the waiters. They helped him put on an apron and started to compete with one another to see who could give out more flyers! The most happy moment came when he gets to order any food he liked. He tried all the nasi dishes at Blacklisted on the first day. And his final verdict, the Nasi Campur (Steamed rice with Beef Redang, peanuts and sunny side up egg) is the best! He even liked the plain croissant which was an unlikely choice of his food.

Thanks to Dendy and Shin‘s hospitality, they brought us to different malls in town and we were cafe hopping. Elkan most enjoyed his morning motor scooting with Dendy and Wii time with Edward (Dendy’s brother). 4 days trip came to and end so quickly with our busy schedules. On the last day, Elkan was reluctant to return to Singapore. He played till the last minute on the motor scooter until the cab arrived to pick us up to the airport. It was a foodfulling trip! Enjoy the tasty pictures!

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