Grey’s 100th Day Baby Shower

It is certainly a strange tradition – having a baby shower on the 100th day (Funny though, I always thought that “49th day” or “100th day” is more of a symbolic day for the deceased back in Singapore. Sorry for being blunt here.)
I was there with 30 of their family members…me feeling a little bit out of place.. Echo did tried hard to make me “feels at home”.. she made me their “official event photographer”.
It has been ages since I had my own family gathering. I guess we never have one big gathering since the passing of my grandmother. While taking photo of Echo’s granny with her baby, I felt a pause of sadness inside my heart – yet i feel so happy for them. Afterall, it has been my wish to share my marital bliss with my granny. If she is still alive today, I am sure she will be happy to see me marry and have kids. Same here, it is also my wish to see my own son marry and seeing my grandchildren grow up.
Not a very greedy wish i hope. Enjoy the pixs.


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