Little Elkan’s 1st Spread

It is not very difficult to describe the "proudness and happiness" that I am feeling right now. I am superbly surprised, excited, overwhelmed, proud and delighted. It is my little boy’s 1st magazine spread, his own private token of being a public stock photo for the number 1 parenthood magazine in Singapore. (Guess he doesn’t feel the same excitement shit as I do cos’ he is not polluted by the imaginary fame of mass media). But this is exactly how I felt when Feli flashed the magazine over MSN last night… I was completely overwhelmed! It was a sweet surprise.
Nothing pricey about the material – $5-mag, A4 size, 85gsm art paper, 4C x 4C. However, it is a beautiful picture of my little prince. A moment in time, a lovely capture of his innocence and joy. Now, that is priceless. I just can’t stop staring at it for the past 1 hour. Strange, isn’t it? My son is my biggest idol now. He has more "studio explosure" than his big fat ugly papa Joe. And he attracted more girls and kisses too. (Sigh)
Boy, my little boy is so lucky – thanks to our network of designer friends. Elkan started his "stock images" days while he was still floating in his mummy’s womb. A local magazine used his "ultra-sound scan" image for an article. And before he turned 1, he appeared in one of Singapore Sports Council booklets (thanks to Wendy and Stephen). Last Christmas, Elkan was on an e-Greeting card for National Volunteer & Philanthropy Center (thanks to Richard). And this month, he is featured on Young Parents magazine (thanks to Cheryl and Tracy). Elkan has quite a humble collection of media clippings, I must say.
Nonetheless, we aren’t stardom-hungry parents. Like any typical father, I love to see my son glows in his own way. My boy, this is certainly the best gift you gave us yesterday – which coincide with our 13th Anniversary on 24th Nov.
It is certainly a beautiful picture and a perfect headline – "all I want for Christmas"…is you – my boy – with me in Shanghai this Christmas.
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