Wahbiang Christmas 2007 – “Award Gala”

The term “Wahbiang Clan” is often debated. Who is in and who is not?

Back in June 2003, Yifu and Wendy had a huge email wars over the definition of “Wahbiang Clan”. Yifu was very upset that he saw many new unfamiliar faces in the clan (people from DCS, Lasalle – well, he was fine with the babes from Temasek though!). Wendy tried her best to make him accept the newcomers. And Jimmy and gang also joined in the debate. Sounds like building a very complicated cult. This big debate lasted only a week. Life has to go on. Eventually, “Wahbiang” has its own unwritten membership rules. And that works very well for the past 5 years. There were of course “members” being ruled out by Mr Dictator Joe and “members” who went missing after they found love & money. In fact, “wahbiang” has its share of regular guests (Karen Loo & Charlie, Scott, Bettina, Hovman, Francis Goh, Jasbir, Bishan, Kendrick, Manfred).

The clan is growing at a super-speed (with new inclusion of marriages – Serene, Lilian, Ernie, Echo and those babies). The spirit of “wahbiang” is very strong. Despite my “super absence”, a new group of leaders took over and organised gatherings for the group. There is no need for voting or internal politics, every one has such great bonds and come together. I am touched, really.

Guofeng messaged me 2 weeks ago about Christmas 2007. He expressed his concern about this year’s Christmas party. “Where got people?” he messaged. Yixi is stuck in Australia for training. Tracy, Echo, Francis, Felicia, Joe and Joanne will be in Shanghai for god-knows-what. It is so similar to Christmas 1998 when Yifu, Meijie, Jimmy were all overseas studying. Where is the crowd? Like Guofeng, I miss the old golden days (like Xmas 2004/2005). Those are really the golden days of our clan – Meijie even had a girlfriend!

Every year, without fail, all wahbiang friends will get a special xmas card (special theme). To many envy eyes, we are a super-connected clan of people (outside church/temple groups). Our unity is special and the bonding is always unique. (We do have wars and fights). Wahbiang Xmas Party is beyond the biggest Wahbiang gathering. We used to drive a donation drive for the poor. Boh Tien Home for the Aged has been receiving goodwills from our clan since 1997. We have stopped this practice in 2004. (Man, we got to renew our Operation X Mission).

So, this year, join me to organise another “golden” xmas party. Let it be bright, big and funny! In the coming days, you will receive more messages from Tracy, Guofeng and myself! This year’s theme “Wahbiang Academy Award 2007” – when we will be giving out 16 medals – all based on your online votes!

The nominees are out! Check your email link to take part (Tracy has picked a smart system – you can only vote once!) If you aren’t nominated, dun feel dry and sad. You be the audience and you see how we “sabo” this winner.

Watch out for the date and venue!

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