And the award goes to…

This year, Wahbiang celebrated their 2007 Christmas 5 days before the big day! Jimmy and Serene played host to another great party. The food was great, the venue was ideal. Our party was getting more eventful. Kids were crying, parents (MC & Charlie) stranded at home, adults working the next day, lost handphone woes and old friends just touched down Singapore.

This year, folks in Shanghai (Felicia and Tracy) added a new item in our Christmas Party. We organised the 1st Wahbiang Awards (maybe the last – cos we do not want the same people winning every year!) The voting received 90% of the participation. And the award voting was fair and open. Karen Loo was our Guest of Honor for the night and she gave out all the awards.

Here are some of the winners:

Busiest Man of the Year: Jimmy Teo
Best Supporting Role: Wang Meijie
Best Male Singer: Gareth Tan
Best Female Singer: Kalinda Low
Worst Singer: Huang Yifu
Most Popular Female: Felicia, Lusia
Most Popular Male: Duuk, Meijie
Best Couple: Duuk and Juliana
Fighter of the Year: Juliana
Best Comedian of the Year: Gareth Tan
Single of the Year: Wang Meijie
Flirt of the Year: Joe Chua (I hid the no one can “swan” me that night)
Best Christmas Party: Kalinda’s House 2004
Newcomer of the Year: Kaylene
Naughtiest Kid: Elkan
Top Winner: Wang Meijie (3 medals)

As the night was getting late and parents-with-kids were leaving. We broke our tradition of “gift-exchange” games and did a quick gift-exchange. Lusia was very sporting that night. She encouraged the games to go on. We played 3 rounds of “really funny” games.

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