12 days of Christmas @ Shanghai

Looks like I am going to feast and feast this Christmas. I am going to put on more weights around my belly. I am going to match Santa’s size. No, I am not on a mission to gain weight. But it looks like this is the only fun activity around Christmas season. It is food, more food..and more food. Man, I really wish I can see snow this year.

God has been kind to me and my family & friends. I am always with good company of loved ones during this time of the year. Even when I am so far away from home, the spirit of Christmas never left me. Especially for Elkan, his presents occupied the entire floor! My Christmas tree looked so tiny in the presence of his many gifts. Young and popular, my son is certainly taking over me. I have to beg for a decent gift this year. (And I have to fight for a kiss from the Santa Gal during my Christmas Lunch with my cousin Yei and girlfriend Summer).

Joanne and ex-SQ cousin (50th & 51st Visitors) are in town this week. Feel so strange – I thought I just met Joanne 2 days ago in Singapore and now she is right here with us (at my house!). All of them (Juli, Kalinda, Joanne) have been here at different timing of the year. Imagine if I can have all of them at the same timing – that would be a really big Wahbiang Gathering at Shanghai Hotel 16.

Joanne’s leaving for Singapore this weekend. Francis is throwing his new year party this Sunday. Still 4 more days to celebrate before 2008 kicks in.

It has been an hasty and blessed 2007 for me. Thank you God.

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