My 50th Visitors

"This is likely to be my last Shanghai visit" said Joanne. She has been here for almost 4 times! And with her, Sherane is my 50th visitor!

It is so strange to meet Joanne and family in Shanghai. Afterall, we just met in Singapore less than a week back. Joanne and I were dining at Caffeine Christmas lunch and now we were drinking red wine at Xin Tian Di. It felt like a walk around the corner. The memory of flying 3800km never occur in my mind. Man, now I remember my flight from Hong Kong to Singapore. The feeling of flying home is truly great. (Sigh…now I am back in Shanghai once more.)

Anyway, I had a fantastic night-out with the ladies. The 2 crazy wanted to dine outdoor at Xin Tian Di. With strong wind and temperature as low as 1, Tracy and I have to endure their crazy demand to sit outdoor for 2 bloody wee hours! (Good thing Feli and Elkan were spared from this torture). The 2 crazy girls were of course enjoying themselves. They were giggling, hyper-active and super cozy friendly. Many men walked past our table, thinking I am a pimp…trying to "sell" of these 3 sexy girls. (Seriously, Xin Tian Di is a whore street at night. You got "desperate" ang mohs and chin-nas everywhere!)

The story is I got the best of night! We drank, hugged and laughed. From 12am to 5am, we explored many drinking spots – from Hengshan Road to Park97. I brought them to Guandi and realised it is under construction! Then, we went to Xin Tian Di to drink. At 3am, we popped by BabyFace but Joanne couldn’t breathe, so we ended up singing and drinking at PartyWorld. (Anyway, I am the only one singing…Tracy and Sherane slept!)

We took many huggy photos…so the girls can used it to make their men jealous. wife is not going to be very happy about this. Heee..sorry. 

2 Responses to My 50th Visitors

  1. Joanne says:

    To all my friends in Shanghai, thanks for taking care of me and my family. My parents told me… Shanghai is like my second home. I don’t really agree. There are too many changes over the months. It’s hard to remember the road name. The only familiar place i remember extremely well is Huai Hai Lu. Yes…that’s my favorite hangout place.
    It’s good to catch up with old friends in a foreign country. 2 days in Shanghai is definitely too short. I didn’t have enough time with elkan and Felicia, Echo & Francis. I wish i had extended my stay in Shanghai. Sign…
    Nevertheless, it’s good to end my 2007 with sweet memories and moments. Thanks Joe and Tracy for being so spontaneous. That 2 hrs was crazy but it was really fun …I know you guys were freezing. Especially Joe, with running nose and shivering lip, he was pole dancing at Xin Tian Di. 🙂 haa.. Feli missed out all the fun. Wish she is there with us too.
    2007 was a lousy year for me. Thank you Joe, Felicia, Tracy, Kalinda, Juliana & Echo for always there for me. Without your support, I won’t be smiling now. I always thank God for your unconditioned friendship. You guys were GREAT!
    Happy New Year, mates! I miss you all.

  2. Stella says:

    wahbiang!!! Shanghai also got my chinese name, named after me!?! lolx.."HengShan Road.." okok..actually just drop by to wish all of you..Happy New Year..counting down 2nite @ church!! yeah..yippee!! Celebrate Jesus…"give thanks to God almighty for all that He has done!"

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