Homecoming Week

Yes, my prankster half is back! After our last reunion in Singapore 3 weeks ago, Felicia and Elkan flew in to Hong Kong last Friday night! My gosh, my son has grown so much taller (again!). He is only 6 and he is already 60% of my height! So good to have them back in town! (Yippy, my house is messy and noisy once more! It feels so much like home now!)

Elkan came prepared with his long “to do” list. He missed his favorite Hong Kong “茶餐廳” noodles and our weekend hikes. From Central to Hong Kong Park to Kornhill, we did quite a lot of activities (watching movie, playing Ps3, shopping, hot-pot dinner and 2 x hiking) within the last 48 hours! We wasted no time and did so many things together!

We had one of our toughest hikes this afternoon. It was a strenuous 10km uphill hike (from Quarry Bay to Stanley) and we over-estimated ourselves (physically and time). After hiking uphill for an hour, Felicia and Elkan were limping in exhaustion. In the end, after “consulting” some of the local hikers, we decided to give up and turned back. It was impossible to complete our original hike before sunset. We were only 40% at that point. Originally, Tracy was planning to hike all the way to the Peak – her “wishful hike” would take us at least 7-8 hours!

Of course, there were lots of funny moments of squabbling, complaining and whining. Not really our ideal hiking experience but we managed to complete our longest and toughest hike (6.2km up 280m) at the shortest time (1.20 hrs) ever! Guess we have to exercise more to train up our stamina! Enjoy the video:

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