Super Race III – The Hong Kong Edition

After a long 7-year absence, our favorite race is finally back! SUPER RACE III was launched 10pm last night at my birthday party. 3 teams (comprising of 4 Singaporeans, 3 Malaysians, 1 Chinese, 1 Indian) were formed and the contestants made their way to the 1st pit-stop this morning at 8:30am. This is going to be a very interesting race as we are not very familiar with the streets of Hong Kong.

Organising a race like this is not easy. It takes a lot of planning (clues, venues) and tedious coordination works (logistic, prizes). Felicia, Sherry and Danielle were fantastic organisers! The race was made very challenging and interesting. Throughout the 9-hour race around Hong Kong, we conquered 9 pit-stops and accomplished 9 demanding tasks. We have good contestants amongst the teams. Most of us were very competitive and had that strong desire to win this race. This made the race very exciting and fun.

Occasionally, we made a couple of critical blunders – ones that could have cost our team our chance to win. At our 4th stop, we actually walked past the pit-stop without realising it and we spent the next 45 minutes roaming the entire beach looking for it.

In the end, it was a neck-to-neck fight to the finishing line. My team was always tailing the leading team. At the final seconds, both team sprinted against each other to the final stop. What a bloody close-call! Due to my team’s "unconventional and highly-controversial" tactics of running the race, the organisers decided to award the grand prize to the other team. The truth is my team crossed the final line first. We should have won!

The teams have made many entertaining videos (lots of bitching and mockery footage) along the way. The race has also given us a chance to see the other sides of our friends. People react differently under different circumstances. It is a good way to observe our friends and their reactions to pressure. The race pushed us to put aside our differences and work together as one. After the race, all teams sat down together and exchanged stories. We all had the same destinations but our journey was very different.

Based on the positive response I received on FACEBOOK and SMS, many of my Wahbiang friends want us to bring back the race to Singapore. Yes, I say. But someone back home has to do the hard work. Meanwhile, enjoy the key moments of our 1st and 2nd Super Race. (Plus a special "Hong Kong Amazing Race Spoof Video" that was specially edited to commemorate today’s race!)


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