Elkan’s 1st Graduation

It was an exciting and proud moment for all of us in Hong Kong. On Friday, we attended Elkan’s graduation ceremony at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It was a grand ceremony and the school put up a great show.

Thanks to my mother-in-law, we were given special seats at the front row as Felicia’s mum did volunteer works at the school during her short stay with us. Felicia was invited up the stage to collect the token on behalf of her mother. It was a joyous moment for me (as proud husband and father) – to see both Mum and son on the stage at the ceremony.

This is also the first time when we saw our son performing on stage. Elkan was one of the 2 lead performers of the play, donning the smart navy captain uniform. We have absolutely no idea about his performance so you can imagine our anxieties and worries. Will he stumble? Will he back out due to stage-fright?

Elkan performed superbly – marching in solo and leading the rest of the dancers. Their opening routines were so cool and smart that it drew loud applause from the audience. From time to time, my boy made small smiles and winks at us. He spotted us and he knew I am taking photos of him. Now, that is my flirty captain!

The graduation marked the end of his school days in Hong Kong. Come 2011, Elkan will be heading back to Singapore for his Primary School – captaining his new 15-year school voyage.

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