Have a piece of me?

Just when I thought that I had the strangest birthday-cum-race event, Felicia knocked me (and my guests) off the chair with these finale "mini Joe cakes"! Trust me, this will be the first and last time you see my face printed on these cakes. I almost fainted when I saw the waitress serving out these "Mini Joes". Not sure how the rest of the guests felt – but it is certainly very very awkward to have my guests licking, biting and swallowing my face.

Yes, I did wished for an uncanny birthday. But not to this extent. This is worse than having a pie on your face. Putting your face on a pie
is beyond strange.This surprise has seriously gone "outside my expectation". It doesn’t seems so wrong to have a Mickey Mouse on the cake – but I am no Mickey. This is cannibalism. (And people is going to blame me if they suffer any stomach upset / skin allergy later) Gosh, I am going to be haunted by my own little cakes for a long time.

So, how did it go with the diners? Well, I guess my guests finished the cakes out of courtesy and respect. It is rude not to eat someone’s birthday cake. For some guests, they couldn’t wait to tear me apart and swallow me down their throat. Some like to lick my face slowly before taking the small bites – starting from my chin to head. Others stared at it for quite a while before finding that courage to "consume" me.

I just found out that these "personalised" cakes aren’t cheap. They cost about SG$10/HK$50 per piece. Don’t get me wrong. It is not about the money and I do love surprises. It just that I don’t love myself that much. I don’t mind having Megan Fox or even Scarlett Johansson printed on my cakes. They will 100% make the cake "looks much sweeter".

Having said all these… I do love my wife for her creativity and the ability to read my thoughts (those wishes I made quietly inside my heart). It is a very sweet gesture…it just that my face doesn’t make the cakes look sweet. Somehow, the cakes looked temple-rish, salty and very very fattening.

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