Toast to ZephDay!

May is indeed a birthday month! Yesterday, Felicia and I celebrated 2 birthdays – Zeph and Auntie Amy (our 4th and 5th this month!) Guess what, we are celebrating the 6th birthday next week for Scott! Coincidentally, they are all foreigners – David (France), Ethan & Zeph (Malaysia), Auntie Amy, Tracy & Scott (Singapore)!

Zeph organised a karaoke party at Causeway Bay. Without Harshad (he is back home in India for 2 weeks), gone the liquor. The singing session was great and superbly well-balanced. We have a good mix of both English and Chinese hits. For both young and old performers. Elkan and Ethan danced their "Nobody" routine. Danielle and Josephine jammed many "unknown" pop hits. Sherry, Zeph, Felicia, Scott and I honed the "evergreens". Tracy – she handled both genres pretty well. The group later even dedicated "Kiss Goodbye" for Scott and Natalie. Good dinner, great company and lovely tunes kept us charged till 1am.

It is certainly difficult not to gain weight with such regular rituals. Fattening cream cakes, big birthday banquets and lots of late-night drinks and snacks. While these birthday stars are getting older, a couple of us are getting heavier and wider. We got to find new "birthday activity". Mic-lifting and singing birthday/karaoke songs doesn’t help to lose those extra calories. (Mmmm….Better cancel that "Dongguan Birthday Party" idea for mine next month. I was thinking of celebrating with 10 of my favorite mummies and mums.)

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