My 92nd Darling

My Granny (yes, Elkan’s Great Grandmother), Mother and Auntie Amy are in town. Unlike the many family trips before, this is one memorable trip for many. It is filled with so much drama, laughter and unfortunate accidents.

I took leave and brought the family to Macau and Zhuhai. (Haaa… the ladies barely survived the rocky boat ride.) This is my mother’s first trip to Macau and I got her to try her luck at the Venetian Casino. With just 20 cents, she won HKD500 at the jackpot within the first 10 minutes! Me too, triple my winnings at the black jack table within 15 minutes. This was our shortest stay (20 minutes) in and out of the casino with very very good returns.

However, luck wasn’t with Auntie Amy and Elkan. They had a traumatic experience. A very bad one too. Onlookers Felicia and Tracy witnessed one of the most terrifying incidents this trip. We were cycling at Zhuhai when I lost control and rammed our tricycle into a trash-bin at a considerably speed. The accident happened so fast that I cannot react in time to avoid the collision. Due to the sudden impact, my pillion riders (Elkan and Auntie Amy) flew out of the vehicle and landed on the ground. It was a very very scary sight. Fortunately, Elkan and me suffered minor injuries – bruises and cuts. Auntie Amy suffered the most. She did a superman and landed flat on the ground. The outcome could have been worse if the trash-bin didn’t stop our path. We may landed on the rocks. (Our tricycle was thrashed and we have to leave it behind.)

We decided to call off our "cycling activity" and headed to the green-houses to see the "giant fruits". A more rewarding trip indeed – Auntie Amy and Mother managed to coax one of the farmers to give them some chilies and seeds. They too want to start their own "spicy plantation" back in Singapore. The weather turned bad suddenly and we caught ourselves in the heavy downpour. Nonetheless, we managed to get out of this isolated plantation and headed for our next destination – Shopping!

The trip ended well (minus the "do-more-exercise" nagging and the cycling accident). It was a very relaxing 2-day short trip for the family. Easy money at the casino, superb 2-hour massage and lots of good shopping hours for the ladies. Now, they are already talking about their next return to Zhuhai.

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