Dad’s 60th Birthday Ride

On Dad’s 60th Lunar Birthday, I planned an unusual dinner night for our family. They were of course, thrilled. This is our first time dining on the “Cheng Ho Vessel”. Everyone is excited. The vessel departs at Marina South Pier at 630pm and it is a 2.5 hour ride around Singapore southern islands. It cost only S$55/head and the buffet dinner is only so-so. Like the Junk I sat in Hong Kong, this ride promised an unforgettable experience (with fireworks and open-air deck). Before boarding, my mum, aunt and dad were very excited and happy. They were so eager to get onboard.

The story wasn’t the same after the vessel departed the pier. Auntie Amy was giddy, my mum was vomitting, our children were screaming and my poor old dad didn’t really get a nice 60th Birthday. Look, half of his guests were either sea-sick or staying very still. Even my brother-in-law didn’t finish his cup of beer. At the end of the 2.5 hour ride, everyone is looking forward to shore. It is amusing to see how the guests “suffered” the ride.

I am sure they remember this day. And poor dad, he didn’t even have the chance to blow his cake. 😛

One Response to Dad’s 60th Birthday Ride

  1. Chester says:

    it sure was memorable for me too lor…

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