Sweet Farewell

It is time to say goodbye to 2 iron-ladies (friends or nemesis), Natalie and Jaslin. They have done the most unimaginable torture to my body, mind and soul throughout the last 6 months. We spent many days winning ridiculous  "mission impossible" projects. Rounds after rounds…nights after nights…they are one of the many reasons why I went through the amazing 48-hour marathon work.

It was never "love at first sight" with these ladies. Honestly, I was always thinking how I should torture them back in kind. Their crimes were plenty. Natalie made me feel like an appliance. I was her type-writer and her words were fingers, commanding my every input. Jaslin bullied me with her verbal abuses. My goodness, we are Singaporeans and Malaysians. We should love each other, shouldn’t we?

Of course, I do miss them. Now they are gone… how am I going to strike my sweet revenge. I am just in the midst of setting up Bomb Scott with Nat. And before I can do something "evil", Jaslin told me she is leaving too. Girls, sigh… let me repay you my deepest kindness. You know, that kind…

Nat be heading back to KL and Jaslin leaving for Shanghai. Well, guess they will miss me too for I brought out the best and worst in them.

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