Girls’ Generation SNSD Hong Kong Concert 2012 (Asia Tour 2 – 15th Jan 2012)

This is Girls’ Generation’s debut concert in Hong Kong – it is powerful, sexy and explosive! 32 songs, 150 minutes. The 9-member K-pop group and their fans rocked the concert hall like no other Asian stars. Nothing comes close. Hate to say this – Not even Jay Chou or S.H.E. This is the power of 9.

Girls’ Generation charmed millions of fans worldwide. Today, they are South Korea’s most popular and important Ambassadors! It is amazing how a group of 9 Korean girls is able to woo the world. It doesn’t matter if their fans understand the lyrics of their songs. From young boys to mid-life crisis men (Ah Pek), Asians to Europeans, both males and females. They represent youth, peace, beauty and love. They are not divas or some pretentious “unapproachable” stars. It is the rawness in them that fans love them – they are your sweet “girls-next-door”. These lovely sirens charmed us with their mesmerizing winks, well-synchronized dance steps, seductive curvy moves (long legs and hairs) and very addictive “can’t-get-out-of-your-head” songs. Already, they are winning major music awards and breaking concert sales records everywhere. Their 12-Feb Bangkok concert tickets were snapped up within 20 minutes! (For the same class of seatings, their Hong Kong concert tickets cost 200% more than what I paid for Jacky Cheung and Jay Chou concert! Imagine the standing ticket cost about HKD1688/ticket and it was full house!)

The Hong Kong fans are superb! It was the fans who stole the show tonight! They memorized the Korean songs by heart! I have never seen fans that passionate and “well-coordinated”! (The fan club even posted up an online tutorial on Facebook to teach the fans what to do!) During the song “Complete”, thousands of the fans flashed their A4 home-printed banners “You + Me = Complete” at Girls’ Generation. It was a powerful movement, so dramatic and touching! (It moved Sunny to tears) And at the last line of the finale song “Fantastic” when Jessica sang “fly away”, the fans released thousands of pink balloons up in the air. It was so well-planned and synchronized! It was beautiful.

I hate to admit that I am one of the many “old boys” fans who fell in love with Girls’ Generation (aka SNSD – 소녀시대 / So Nyuh Si Dae / 少女时代). Seriously, their songs and dance are very addictive. (Trust me, these girls are more addictive and charming than Wonder Girls. If you don’t know them, go watch their “Genie” or “Taxi” MTVs online). Great songs + dances, great personalities and superb-talented individuals. It was confusing at the beginning to remember all their faces and names. But after watching their MTVs and variety-shows on YouTube, the power of 9 = full package of a perfect dreamgirl. The more you know them, the more you will like them. Mmmm…. makes me feel I should create my own girl-band. (It is not easy to manage a group of 9 girls. Utmost respect for their manager and record company!)

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  1. Julius Sone says:

    So Nyeo Shi Dae Saranghae~♥

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