Christmas Party in Shanghai


While the Wahbiang Xmas Party won’t take place until tomorrow night (25th Dec), we folks in Shanghai has just finished celebrating our very own Christmas party. Francis and Echo played such a good host. We had so much fun and laughter (after a few cups of wine).

Mm..I shouldn’t be showing these images now cos’ we played a mini version of what Wahbiang will be playing tomorrow night. But still, I would say it was a very enjoyable night (despite my awfully painful wisdom tooth infection).

Yes…Feli and Elkan are here with me. I bet all of you back home have heard about Feli’s early surprise for me. I was having the usual late Friday night at the office when I saw shadows of familiar faces waving at me outside the glass entrance doors. My gosh! Now, that was quite a freaking sweet surprise – to have my son running towards me in laughters.
Echo and Francis planned another big surprise for us when we arrived home. They came to my house early on Friday afternoon to dress up my house with Xmas tree, gifts and window graphics. I was so touched by their sweet kindness!
I had such a bad gum infection (since Wed) that it kinda bring my spirit down. The pain is truly unbearable (so much that I teared)… i couldn’t even get to eat or sleep last night. Thankfully, I went to see the dentist today and he gave me some super magical painkillers. Plus the red wine I had at Francis’ party, I can feel the "real naughty Joe" in me again. Goody old Christmas is back!
Guys, enjoy your night in Singapore! I miss all of you back home! Please send me the pixs.. I will put them on my blog.
p/s (Thanks for all your gifts – Juliana, Joanne, Tracy and Kalinda. I haven’t opened them. I will do so on 25th Dec – with pictures. My kisses will come in Feb 2007.)

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