FHM – “Fool Him” Magazine

Every month, I would have friends visiting me from HK or Singapore. And each time, I will get them to bring me a couple of magazines. Now, it seems I have a big ISSUE with FHM. Yes, a big unhappy issue.
You see, big magazine brands like FHM, Stuff IT or Maxim have their own country-editions. It means, they share a common pool of content. If you are reading FHM UK and FHM Singapore, you will find similar content. The main difference is of course the covergirl they put on the front cover. The UK version will sports more uncensored content (such as nude photos) which Singapore’s version cannot.


So, what is the BIG issue? Well, both country-edition (FHM Singapore and UK) run a monthly "Photo Contest" – The Singapore Edition says "Snap Anything Outrageous? Send it in and win prizes? Email: incoming@fhm.com.sg" For the UK edition, the contestants will have to send their entries to a number instead. And every month, both magazines will allocate 1 page showing the entries. Of course, there are some pretty cool snaps and yes, there is always a WINNER for each country!
So, this is a REAL contest with REAL prizes huh? I would deem it is a localise one too (based on the submission email address). Well, take a look for yourself.
(Left: FHM UK: Peter from Liverpool, FHM Singapore: Peter from Katong) – Same Peter?

(Left: FHM UK: Quesy, FHM Singapore: Lin, Tanjong Pagar) Different Photographer?

(Left: FHM UK: Sam Bassett from Hadleigh, FHM Singapore: Sam Lee) – Different Sam?

(Left: FHM UK: Bun, Ely, FHM Singapore: Paul from Dover Road) – Different Address?

Okay, I say it is okay to share a pool of content. But entries? That is disgusting! That is low class!

And we are talking about being original here. I can’t believe FHM (a big international magazine) would be so less creative and careless about their content. Come on, dun you know we have both FHM UK and FHM Singapore selling in the same shop? You cannot get away with such low-class "cheats" by changing photographer’s name and address! That is stupid. And plain lazy!

Last of all, you are creating a real "contest" for your readers to take part with the promise of a REAL prize. And you used the same photos, changed the particulars and rewarded the same prize to the same batch of people! Now, which are the real entries? The Singapore Version or UK? I thought such act is illegal and against any code of conduct.

I will send this blog to FHM and MICA Singapore. I want my refunds! I want to hear their reasons.
And perhaps, my entry to FHM will be their "SNAP of the Month"!

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