Mini Curtin Gathering

This must be some sort of "Curtin Friends Visiting Week". By sheer coincidence, Serene and Shin (+ Dendy) "invaded" our little Shanghai home this week. It was such a great pity that Serene left Shanghai on Thursday and Shin turned up on Sat. I can imagine Felicia and Shin sighing "if only Serene can extend just 1 more day"… (Phew, good news for me! Cos’ I cannot "tahan" both of these spice girls together. It is wise not to "engage" two of them without Limbo). Man, these girls have teeth like Simon Cowell.

We had a different type of "fun" with Shin and Dendy. It is call "feasting". Check out these delicious food! Yummy! (Man, it is difficult to lose weight with such temptation! I suggested to bring Den out for some night sport sexercise to lose those grease – surprisingly with Shin’s 100% blessing.) Lucky for my tummy, I flew out of Shanghai this morning to "avoid" these sinful temptation.

Shin and Den love and spoilt Elkan so much. They have so much patience for this little rascal. They let Elkan terrorized their precious camera and handphones. Felicia and I sure welcome their kindness… and in return for their kindness…we will allow Shin to "rent" Elkan for an unlimited period of time. Sister May and Sally (thanks for reading my blog), you guys got to hint hint your unique vegan friend about…wedding bells…and possibly…a little Denshin, huh? Yes..we felt she is ready. 🙂

Speaking about "unique vegan"…maybe Tracy should pick a thing or two from Shin. Shin’s classic rule is as long you dun eat the chicken meat, you can drink chicken soup = no meat = vegan. Nice…. 🙂 Heeee…

Okay, time to do my crunches now.

4 Responses to Mini Curtin Gathering

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  2. oh says:

    Hi Joe,
    I read your blog too!! "Sinful" Shin gave me your blog’s link and make me addicted to it.
    How "sinful"!! In case I lose my job u know why – Reading Blogs during office hour.
    Anyway in case u forgotten about me – I am Vivian. 🙂
    SC and Shin told me that were going to SHA and from your blog – both their trips looks interesting and "tasty"
    Hungry for Nice food now. Perhaps u r wondering " Don’t M’sia has nice good too? " Yes they do but I am in India.
    India Don’t Have!!

  3. Big says:

    Dear Serene CHIA… thanks for highlight my Singlish..and grammar… Man, I can’t believe I got your surname and Dendy’s name salah… Very know.

  4. Unknown says:

    Man!! You made my trip to Shanghai looked boring! Just because I don’t have photos to back me up! Go see ( what your little rascal made us do on the streets of Tai Kang lu….

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