World’s Largest Rugby Ball

(Photo Taken: Central MTR Station, Hong Kong – Yes, you are seeing the World’s Largest Rugby Ball here in Hong Kong. Made by Cathay Pacific for the Rugby Sevens. This giant ball can contain 3,330 regular-sized rugby balls, is 4.7m wide, 2.9m thick and 2.9m tall.  It was produced in India (cos’ no factory in China can do this!), tested and played in Beijing for the Guinness World Record certification. For those who have the balls to give this a kick, here is your chance to bring it home if you are the highest bidder. Bid here at Cathay Pacific Facebook. Right now, the highest bid stands at only HKD15,000. The final bidding amount will be donated to the Hong Kong Red Cross to assist victims of the recent earthquakes in Yunan, Christchurch and Japan.)

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