My New Toy

Gareth left something here during his last visit in Hong Kong. He left me craving for these "babes". In fact, Gareth has been showing me all sort of firearms since our secondary school days. Back then, he "brainwashed" me to join his "hydro machine-gun" club. We were only 14. We spent all our pocket-money on our 1st machine-operated water guns. Yes…who have heard of such innovation back then in 1989. (Guess what, our machine guns were confiscated by our teachers after just 1 day!)

When I was in Shanghai, Francis reignited my passion for guns (and roses). In total, we bought a lot of such toy-guns in Shanghai. (The funny thing is we bought those guns at roadside fruit stalls! And the hawkers acutally hid those toys underneath their fruits!!!) Sadly, I couldn’t bring those babes over to Hong Kong (too restrictive). 4 weeks ago, Gareth showed me the gun shops at Mongkok (coincidently just behind YMCA Hotel – the one where my parents stayed). Last week, I decided to go back there to get my 1st gas-powered BB gun (aka air gun/rifle). "BB" stands for "Ball-Bearings" – except that in this modern days,  BB comes in plastic alternatives. Back then, it is really made of metal lead. Pretty deadly.

Dun get me wrong, I am not a hardcore collector. Just curious and wanted to know its fire-power. Pretty cool and feels very solid. The cylinder and shells look real. One shell only holds 1 BB. The impact is pretty good. (Francis would love to own one of these too! I bet!). Mine isn’t the professional series – so it is only a mere HKD289. There are many good ones – costing as much as HKD3,000. Man, it is sexy to own one of these real stuff. And the shop staffs even teach you how to dismantle and clean..and oil them.

On second thoughts, no. I had enough of my NS. Man, really hate those nights of oiling and polishing my gun! 

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