Beijing Milk & Jam! (Updated)

Right after saying goodbye to Meijie, Tracy and I joined our clients and colleagues in Beijing for our 2nd Asia Event. We were there just in time to enjoy the cold season. The temperature fell to 11 degrees on Tuesday night. After enduring 4 months of hot and humid summer in Hong Kong, this is exactly what I love about China – its 4 seasons. Boy, I sure miss those cold months in Shanghai…


My last trip here was 2004 (with Felicia & little Elkan in mummy’s tummy). Olympic did changed Beijing a lot. It is now a very clean and beautiful city. It houses some of the most intriguing architectural marvels. There are lots of greens and the roads are very new and wide…Overall, it feels like a giantic Singapore ~ A Mega-Garden City. Everything is great except its traffic jams. That is the biggest flaw of Beijing. The jam is so bad that it affected my moods and impression of this "so-called world class city".


This week, China is making global headlines (for good and bad reasons) – First, China just topped America as the most carbon-emitting nation (eee…talk about "Green Olympic"). Just today, China’s spacemen did their first ever space-walk live on national TV. Still, it cannot distract this week’s biggest and hottest topic – China’s milk scandal is sending shockwave to the world. Plastics (or melamine)  is found in some of China’s major milk-products! My goodness…gone are my favorite "Big Rabbit Milk Candy", "Oreo Biscuit", "Pizza Hut", "Heinz" and other big local brands. Perhaps we should start putting health warning stickers (like those on my cigarette packs) on all China-made milk products ~ stating "Milk Damages Health, Endangers Lives" or "Plastic-cosmetically Milk".

This is a pretty short trip for us – only 4 days (And yes, our event is very successful!) – During our free time, we went around the city, taking photos of the new Beijing. Most importantly, we managed to meet up with Hovman and visited his house. Oh yes… I miss the affordable good Chinese massage! (Thanks Hovman for recommending such a good place for massage!)

It is going to be another rush trip for me next Monday – 4-day Taipei.

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