My 164th Hong Kong Visitor – A very dear buddy from India!

Always happy to know a friend is in town! And even happier when it is a friend who I haven’t met for almost 10 long years! This weekend, an ex-colleague (from VOXmedia) and a dear friend from India arrived in Hong Kong for the first time! Raghu and I used to work in a Singapore company where he was a SA and I was leading a small design department. We last saw one another in 2004 before the company crisis. Over the last 10 years, we stay in touch briefly on Facebook. He was one of the nicest and most sincere guys in the company! And boy, I am extremely happy to host him in Hong Kong!

Thanks to my blog, it seems that Harshad has a fan-base! Raghu mentioned briefly about Harshad and I asked Raghu to teach me some really “bad words” in Hindi so I can abuse my brother from another mother. I asked Tracy to call Harshad but my dear clumsy house mate dialled Harshad’s mother in India instead! When I heard a lady on the other end, my first impression was “Gosh! It is Harshad’s secret girlfriend!!!”. I started to tease her but all she replied was in Hindi. From the tone, it seemed she was pretty pissed and I handed over the phone to Raghu. He spoke with her for a while and from his face, it seemed pretty serious stuff. Only then we found out that was Harshad’s mum on the other end! Of course, we laughed madly and she didn’t find it amusing at all! What a joke!

The weather was cooling and I brought them to the Victoria Peak for a short scenic hike. In the late afternoon, Kevin (another ex-colleague) arrived from Beijing and joined us for a quick drink at my office in Central.

It was a great gathering. Raghu hasn’t aged a bit (see photo below dated 2002). Later that night, I went home and dug out all the old VOXmedia photographs dated back to 2002. Goodness, it is true! Raghu is almost the same as I last saw him 10 years ago! Must be the beer and whisky or the magical Indian gene!

Great to have you here, buddy and see you soon! Oh yes, I must connect you to Harshad!

4 Responses to My 164th Hong Kong Visitor – A very dear buddy from India!

  1. Irmengard says:

    Nice bottle, Joe 🙂

  2. Kevin Huang says:

    Bro, my name no “l” lah.Its Kevin

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