One year lesser

For many, they came out here to celebrate the arrival of a brand new year. For me, I came to give thanks and bid farewell to great year. 2013 has been one of the best years in my life. Not in terms of wealth or power (or my new haircut and moustache)  but the many priceless and unforgettable moments I shared with my loved ones, family and friends. I am glad that I have fulfilled my wishes for 2013, that’s to live life fully with the right balance, give happiness to the ones I love and cherish every moment. I am very blessed with a very wonderful company of sincere and honest friends, colleagues, clients and partners. Life’s short, leave no regrets behind to ponder. Family+friends comes first, the world second. These moments were beautifully recorded as photographs and stories in my digital vault.

1) Family Reunion, Last CNY –
2) Thanks for your presence –
3) World’s longest Valentine Card –
4) A Perfect 20th Anniversary Trip –
5) My brother 风 is back –
6) Surprise trip to Vietnam –
7) Wahbiang in Hong Kong –
8) Little reunion in Bintan –
9) Leo and Joey –
10) Eat, Play, Work Bangkok –

It is time to relook at the meaningless, pretentious corporation’s commandments where nothing really matters. It is time to realise there are much more important and meaningful things in life to fulfil. Time to explore, to discover and to create a purposeful difference. Time to discard the old craps, change the old systems, get real and walk out to weave a new meaningful life.

It is never a brand new year. It is a year lesser for all of us to accomplish what we truly wanted. Don’t let your wishes be as short-lived like the fireworks. May 2014 be a rewarding year for all of you and me! Start running and get your dream realised! Live each day beautifully.

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