Thanks For Your Presence!

The ladies in my family love giving me surprises. Being a prankster myself, I should have known and seen it coming. It is in our blood. The problem is their acts are getting so good that it is getting more and more difficult to detect anything amiss. I can’t blame them, me too – loves giving them surprises. Afterall, who doesn’t love a good surprise?

Last Tuesday, I received a mystery “call from a hotel booking agency”. It was a Hong Kong number. A lady who claimed she was calling from Beijing asked me to confirm my hotel booking for Shenzhen this weekend. For a couple of seconds, I was dumbstruck, confused and frightened. It wasn’t the fact that she knew my name or my weekend plan. She sounded like a crazy lunatic and I could not recognise her voice. I wondered who in Hong Kong would play such a sick joke on me. After a few terrifying minutes, the mystery lady finally disclosed her true identity. It was my sister, Jovel. She was here in Hong Kong with her hubby James, children Jovin & Jorance  and care-taker “Ice(145th & 146th HK visitor). Best of all, my mum and Auntie Amy (the 2 infamous Rain-Makers who also brought rain and surprise to Cousin Leon in Xiamen a couple of days ago) were here too to surprise me! My wife knew about this beforehand and she kept it so well despite I told her my weekend birthday plans. Who says women can’t keep secrets?

Despite the long gloomy, rainy weekend, I had a very blessed and special birthday. Their presence brighten up my days with so much joys and warmth in Hong Kong. For a rare moment, my house was completely bombarded with flying rubber bullets and darts. It was amazing how the children and adults could co-existed in such a small tight space. That’s the feeling of home – noisy, messy and very heart-warming.

Big special thanks to HarshadTracyCousin MikeDesmond, Scott, Chowpo & Ansel and Calvin from Shanghai (147th HK visitor) for your lovely great company on my special day. I am deeply grateful to Harshad, Tracy and Calvin who accompanied my family till the final second they left for Singapore. Tracy played Mongkok Tour Guide while Harshad played SuperNanny to Jorance! Special thanks to my dear wife of 13 years for making me another very “special birthday cake”! Your creativity never fails to surprise me year after year. I love it! And not forgetting my beloved Wahbiang Clan, cousins, clients, colleagues, ex-classmates and friends for your cheeky, naughty and heartfelt greetings on WeChat and Facebook. I am one year older, happier and richer with all your blessings, loves and hugs! Yes indeed, I am one lucky and blessed man! No gift is more valuable than your presence! Thank you very very much!

One Response to Thanks For Your Presence!

  1. Uncle Leon says:

    Whao Elkan & Qiqi… Nice Tattoos… Make sure they wash out by a week!

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